Why is communication so important as a leader?

Communication is the foundation of leadership. It allows for leaders to become self-aware, build relationships with their team, and unify behind a clear, common goal. Learning how to become a communicator not only helps leaders achieve more and maximize their potential, it also maximizes the potential of the people they lead.

Unifying your team

Communication is essential to the unity of your team. Without it, your employees might unknowingly work against each other, fail to understand the greater importance of your group’s work, and new ideas would rarely make it to the top.

A good leader makes their team feel comfortable sharing criticisms, good or bad. They do this by giving their team different outlets to express their ideas and frequent opportunities to address potential issues.

Once you establish clear lines of communication and your team feels comfortable sharing their ideas, they will begin to feel more like they belong to the group. This translates into the desire to do more and contribute towards the progress of your common goals.

Good leaders need to be self-aware 

We’ve all seen what it looks like for leaders to lose touch with reality. It can easily happen when there aren’t clear lines of communication, when employees don’t feel comfortable sharing criticisms, and when objectives aren’t clearly stated.

Communicating as a leader means avoiding echo chambers. It hurts a lot more than it helps to simply hear back what you are putting out, creating blind spots that could serve as potential pitfalls in competitive environments.

The importance of good leadership communication is building a more complete image of yourself and your company. Not allowing yourself to become misled by linear thinking and giving new ideas a chance, especially when they aren’t coming from you.

Communicating as a leader

When most people think of a good leader, they are likely thinking of a person’s ability to inspire others towards a common goal. Inspiration without good communication is impossible. Communicating as a leader requires us to use our mind, body, and soul in order to reach people on a deeper level.

This doesn’t mean you need to write lofty speeches or make dramatic demonstrations, it means you need to listen and listen consistently. It will help you understand the needs of your team and give you the roadmap towards inspiring others towards their full potential.

The line between leader and teacher is often a blurry one, adding to the importance of good leadership communication. Communicate with your words, by setting an example, and listening.

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