The Deeper Meaning of “Calm is Contagious” by Rorke T. Denver

Former Navy SEAL Rorke T. Denver’s idea of Calm is Contagious carries valuable lessons that every leader should know. Diving into the deeper meaning of “calm is contagious” shows us the role of leaders in any environment and how we can do better to guide our teams.

Calm is contagious 

It can be easy for people to lose their heads in chaotic or challenging times, making rash decisions with little thought and a lot of emotion. Keeping people calm as a leader doesn’t require dramatic speeches or shows of confidence. All it takes is for you to remain calm.

People often look to their leaders before looking at themselves before losing their calm and if their leader is calm, they will be calm too. This is what is meant by “calm is contagious”. It means you need to be mindful of how you’re feeling and what emotions you’re projecting.

What else is contagious?

Calm isn’t the only thing that’s contagious. You can pretty much replace calm with any word like panic, chaos, or disorder. As a leader, what you put out will come right back to you. In any stressful situation where your team is looking up to you, imagine how quickly things would fall apart if you can’t keep yourself calm.

It’s essential to always keep your goals in focus despite any challenges or barriers you may face.  This will also help your team keep their focus on the group’s goals, coordinating their efforts when it matters most. It’s not just that calm is contagious. 

Keeping your calm no matter what 

These are lessons forged on the battlefield in some of the most dangerous conditions. SEALs are required to surmount near-impossible odds, all while keeping their cool. It shows the everyday reader that no matter what, you and your team can always keep a level head. Leaders are judged not by how they act when things are going right but by how they act when everything seems to be going wrong. 

A simple way to think about this is leading by example. How can you expect your team to remain calm when you can’t do it yourself? Remember that you make your best decisions when you’re level-headed, and in business, it can mean the difference between success and failure. Leaders have to carry this extra burden because that’s what makes them leaders.

How to make your calm contagious

If you’re wondering how you can make your calm contagious, then you’ve already taken the first step. Building a contagious calm as a leader relies on many other aspects. We work with leaders and aspiring leaders every day to improve their abilities to guide their teams to their full potential. You don’t need to be a Navy SEAL to have a contagious calm. You only need to be willing to face the challenge head-on, remain positive, and be willing to learn.

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