5 Keys to Building Trust in the Workplace

A significant problem that can negatively impact the workplace is a lack of trust as well as employees being fearful at work. This issue leads to a toxic work environment, leading to a high turnover rate and poor performance in general. What leaders may not realize is that they are generally the ones at fault for a toxic work environment. Fortunately, there are things that you can do that will build up trust in the workplace, which makes it a more productive and happier environment for all of your employees


1) Have a Clear Vision

Employees want to trust in a leader that has some great vision, a clear one that they can understand what their role is. This vision is essential in getting your employees to trust you and follow your new initiatives to grow your organization. By doing this, you are not only building up trust with your employees, but you are also getting everyone on the same page on how to move your business forward.


2) Emphasis on Values

What are the core values of your company? Do you value honesty, transparency, and teamwork? If so, create policies that encourage these behaviors. But what’s more important than having these values is actually to model them yourself. The culture of an organization is only as strong as its leader. If you’re not modeling the behaviors that you expect from your employees, how can you possibly expect them to follow your values? Model the values that you want to emphasize and your employees with trust in you.


3) Have Open Lines of Communication

It’s essential to establish an open line of communication between you and your employees, allowing you to not only better keep your employees in the loop with any changes that may occur, but it also allows you the opportunity to keep a pulse on your organization that can be an ideal way to get real-time information about your business so that you can make adjustments as needed.


4) Treat Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

If you have a habit of putting the blame on an employee for their mistake or shaming them for it, you are creating an environment of fear and toxicity. When you focus just on their mistakes rather than also noticing their achievements, you are going to cause problems in the workplace. The employee will be too afraid to share their mistakes with you, and this could lead to further problems. Instead, treat every mistake as a learning opportunity for your employees.


5) Build Trust Naturally

When you build up a strong working relationship with your employees, you are going to notice that you are building trust as you go. Employees that have a good relationship with their management are more likely to trust them. They will be more confident in offering their input, challenge traditional approaches, and raise their concerns. These are all things that are essential to an organization that wants to grow.


Trust can make a significant difference in the success of your business. That’s why it’s your goal as a leader to learn these approaches to build up trust in the workplace and work to maintain it.

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