5 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave

If you want your business to be successful, be sure that you keep your good employees. When you lose good employees, this can cause a wide variety of problems for your business, including a hit to office morale and a significant decrease in productivity. When you hire new employees, you have to go through the training process all over again every time, which means that it’s essential that you keep good employees. By understanding why good employees leave, you can help prevent this issue from continuing in your business.


1) Lack of Appreciation

Easily one of the most common reasons why good employees leave is because they don’t feel valued or appreciated. There are a few ways that employees feel unappreciated, including being underpaid, not receiving bonuses as promised, and a lack of positive feedback for doing a good job. Offering praise and showing appreciation can go a long way in keeping your good employees.


2) They Are Overworked

When you have an employee that far exceeds your expectations and that you value so much for their performance, leaders tend to give them more work because they can handle it. Only the employee won’t see it as an honor; they will end up getting frustrated for getting more work to pick up the slack of the underperforming employees, which can cause them to leave. However, by offering a promotion and pay increase along with the extra work, they will be happier about it.


3) No Opportunity for Advancement

Employees have a desire to grow their careers and move up the ladder. They work for companies in the hopes that there is growth for them at their office. They want to learn more, get a better paycheck, earn more responsibilities. Stagnant careers make employees unhappy and more likely to seek out better opportunities for advancement. Investing in their growth and providing these opportunities can help retain your good employees.


4) Lack of Engagement

Engagement is what makes a good employee so good. They are invested in their work, meaning that they work harder for you. Employees that are no longer engaged will begin to do the minimum rather than work hard. Challenging your employees and showing them an appreciation for their hard work can make a huge difference in how engaged your employee is. If your employee is engaged, they will be more likely to stay with your company.


5) Poor Leadership

One of the common misconceptions that leaders have is that the company is only as strong as its weakest link, an employee that isn’t meeting expectations. The reality is that a company is only as reliable as its leader. Good employees often leave because they are frustrated with management. Maybe they feel like they aren’t being respected or heard. Perhaps they feel undervalued. Being a better leader will ensure that you keep your employees happy and with your company. Improving leadership is how to continue to grow as a leader and learn new skills to succeed as a leader.


These are just some of the tips that you can use that will help you keep your good employees with you for a long time.

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